Thorian Great War

To Arms!

The Battle of Viaria has come to rear its ugly head to the party. Assigned to assist the Aerial Cavalry of the 2nd Legion, the party was granted the use of a quartet of Gryphons which Dingle and Henk put to especially good use against a duo of wyvern-riders.

As the battle turned sour for the shvean air corps, opposing artillery opened fire causing a hasty emergency landing in the large forest separating the two armies. The PC’s made straight for a supply line, fighting two enemy patrols in the process. The first patrol was made short work of by none other than the Dingle. The fearless druid leaped off his mount as “Timothy” charged at the Half-Orc dragon shaman who no less than a few seconds earlier had immolated him. The shaman was made short work of by the fearless lion’s attacks (with some help by Gavin Hawthorne).

...But what was Dingle doing you ask? He observed with mild amusement as Henk jumped over a hedge to attack what was presumably an enemy march leader and got the idea to mimic the feat. He quickly shifted to his native totem form: The Megaraptor. With a running start, he backflipped over the hedge, taking off the bard’s head with a quick snap of jaws as he came down.

The second patrol was evaded by Adinisk, Henk, and Dingle as they flew to ambush a caravan. This left Gavin and Timothy to fend off a powerful enemy search party. The fight did not go as planned and Gavin had to escape astride Timothy as the others made short work of the supply wagons.

The party is currently making their way back to friendly lines to see the rewards of their work.



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